Reflections On a New Year

Every January 1st we have the opportunity of a do-over: a new year. 2011 offers us a fresh start on a new decade and yet, there really are no fresh starts; every year and every decade is on some level a product of the years and decades that have gone before. After all, we are the sum total of our choices. Since what we do in the coming year will affect the years to come, in what direction would we like to turn?

The traditional New Year’s Eve song, “Auld Lang Syne” is sung at the stroke of midnight to invoke “times gone by” or “long, long ago”. We invoke them so that we might forget them, and let go of a past that keeps us bound up in outmoded ideas, beliefs, and habits. From this hour on we have a clean slate and we want to believe that, during this next year, things will be better. People choose healthcare as a career because they have taken the hope of better days to heart. Pharmacy is one of the helping professions and behind the filling of each prescription and the advice to every patient or physician is a desire to improve the life of someone else. Every healthcare worker touches thousands of lives over the course of a career. They are the human face on a healthcare system that has become increasingly impersonal, even adversarial, in the US today. Each opportunity to reach out, to connect, is an opportunity to heal.

In the end, January 1, 2011 is just another day, with no meaning or power except that which we ascribe to it. New Year’s Day is simply a marker which divides an old year from a new one. But by celebrating that demarcation we also separate past mistakes from the promise of future triumphs. Maya Angelou once said, “When you knew better, you did better,” recognizing the power in our intention to make better choices and in so doing, make a better world.

Our hope is that the days ahead will bring you more joy, more laughter, more gratitude, more lightness, more friends and more love, and that the difference in you will make a difference in those around you. From Apex Medical Placements, have a dynamic, energetic, smashing New Year!


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