A Few Holiday Rants and Wishes

It’s Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa time again! And if your house is like mine you’re busy decorating, baking, shopping, cooking, wrapping, mailing and then going to parties where there’s always somebody complaining that they don’t “do” the holidays because they’ve become too commercialized. “You don’t do Christmas?” I would say if I only had a spine. “Then unhand that spinach puff! Step away from the eggnog! Why darken this holiday party, evil Grinch? Get thee to a funeral, and quickly, too!” Seriously. To the woman at Saturday’s party droning on about how she has no time for Christmas what with all her sad memories and the state the world is in (hot buttered rum in one hand and a cocktail shrimp in the other) – I have a message for you: make some new memories. Put one of those reindeer antler things on your head. Buy a sweater with a pom-pom for Rudolph’s nose. Break out the crystal and blow the dust off that bottle of wine. Take something over to the lady next door who’s all alone. Write a check to the food bank. Buy a toy for a kid who doesn’t have one. Because the perfect way to forget your troubles is to do something for somebody else.

We’ve all heard the excuses: Christmas is just for kids. The holiday has lost its meaning – it’s so commercial! What good is Christmas spirit if it only lasts one day? There’s so much sadness out there that I can’t celebrate and on and on…. Well, it’s true. Christmas IS for kids (and adults and puppy dogs, too.) It’s also been commercialized and yes, there’s a lot of sadness and suffering in the world. So how is boycotting the holiday going to make all that better, again?

Listen, for 364 days you’ve gotten up, gotten the kids to school, fed the cat, washed the dishes, put a load of laundry in, taken the car to the shop, gone to work, come home, cleaned house, fixed dinner, paid bills, repaired the broken toilet/computer/doorknob/lawn mower – it’s Christmas! Go on! Bring an evergreen into the house where you can smell it all the way into the kitchen. Hang all that stuff you made in 4th grade art class all over it. Make those cookies you love, you know – the ones with all the butter. Put the teddy bears on the mantle and hang a wreath on the door. It’s about doing things you don’t usually do. It’s about doing a little something wonderful for someone. It’s about making the day special. You’ve earned it.

Yep, the economy sucks and people are out of work. Folks have lost their houses. So be the change you want to see in the world, like Ghandi said. Call your Congressman. Send a few bucks where you think it will do the most good. Help someone. Then put a ham or a turkey or a roast in the oven and pour yourself a toddy. Buy some of those blinking Christmas ornament earrings or a Santa’s Sleigh necktie for your partner. Put a jingle bell collar on the dog. Play the Nat King Cole Christmas CD and turn it up – way up. Invite your friends. Send cards even IF no one’s doing that anymore. Throw a snowball. Bake some gingerbread and eat a piece while it’s still warm. Hang way too many lights on the front of the house. Act the fool. Count your blessings. Then envision a joyful, prosperous New Year for everyone, everywhere – no exceptions. Grin ear to ear.

From all of us here at Apex Medical Placements to all of you, a very Happy Holiday!